“ Of all the means of expression, photography is the only one
that fixes forever the precise and transitory instant.”

Henri Cartier Bresson “ The Decisive Moment”, 1952

Friday, July 1, 2016

Reese Communion 2016

About the little girl.. The One that Finds Love in her Family, God and Community. And so the story of the little girl begins.  The future holds so much for her.

In her dreams and in her heart and in her quest to live in God's Image and see Love and Beauty in the World and in herself as she grows inside and out.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Around the World " We Dance for Love, Sing for Love, We Live For Love"

 As Helen Fisher (anthropologist and love expert)  profoundly communicated in her TED talk  titled "The Brain In Love "Around the world, people love. They sing for love, they dance for love, they compose poems and stories about love. They tell myths and legends about love. They pine for love, they live for love,they kill for love, and they die for love. As Walt Whitman once said  "Oh, I would stake all for you." This is true all over the world. There is no evidence that this does not exist in every culture, every community ... in fact... people are compelled to love and so with that ... we celebrate love and go to great lengths to find love.... and when we do... We hold it very close... It is the only thing that matters.


Friday, April 8, 2016

We All Have Our Stories...

 And we all experience a personal journey in our trajectory toward motherhood.

For each one of us our journey holds significance in our hearts and within the essence of our spirits. Nonetheless, there is nothing more beautiful and valuable than the blessing we receive from God and the miracle we witness as parents. We as mothers in our personal journey, always strive to hold on to that beauty and to never forget how precious his gift truly is. 


Baby Morris  Due: April 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016

You are 2 Years and 7 Months!

My Plan was to write an entire letter to you both. Actually, I wrote two letters. One for you, Nate and One for Ally Jo. Each letter is quite long.

In the letter, I explained how you have touched our hearts! All of the wonderful things you said and did this year to make 2015 an absolute joy for both Mommy & Daddy. I have the letter saved in my journal. I do write you both often.

This photo shoot went well. We shot this at Sagamore Hill. I just could not get "THE SHOT",  It was hard to do the Mom & Photographer thing on the hike and although, I thought some of them look great..."THE SHOT" became nearly impossible.

 OH... that one little piece of hairrrrrrrr....

What I was aiming for (as always) is the "SHOT" that really truly captivates the essence of your personalities! I shoot until I get one every time I take the camera out. Indeed, I needed to get you both in the car and pack it in.  It was not until we left and went to the supermarket did the authentic dynamic of our life together truly arise. There in the parking lot I ran to grab my camera in the front seat. I did not have time to fuss with my settings or grab the "perfect lens".... I just ran with it and hoped for the best!  This is what true photojournalism is.. Capturing the moment. I was grateful to get it.

 And so here is how it started.. in the parking lot!

Almost... !

I love you MORE..

 Oh What Fun! This is the fundamental authenticity of life with you both!

WHo is your best friend.. Ally JO???? Nate Dawg and Mommy and Daddy and Buzios and Nate...

 Woo Hoo... OR "Ready , Set , Go.. Mommy" TA DAAAAAAAAAAA

More importantly, I am overwhelmingly grateful to have you both in my life.  Daddy feels the same! You make Mommy and Daddy's world a better place to live in because you are a part of it... I have so much to tell you both. It is in my letter! For now, I will just Thank God for you and tell you.. that there is truly no greater love.

You melt our hearts. You are 3 feet tall and 37 pounds and I carry you still. There are no words to describe our love for you.

Ally Jo,  Most of things I want to tell you are in my letter.
You are my angel from heaven. I dreamt of you. We love you immensely.
note: You are 35 pounds and 3 feet tall.